Vampires: Rockin’ It Old School

Barnabas Collins, Dark Shadows

Damn sexy, narcotic, undead and forever popular. If you’ve got a TV series, book series, movie-based-on-the-book series and you’ve got a vampire, you are driving it to the bank by the truckload. And it all takes me back – so I thought we’d take a Vampire Retrospective today.

 Vampire of my Youth:  Barnabas Collins, Dark Shadows

As a young girl, my favorite TV show was the ground-breaking soap opera, Dark Shadows which aired from 1967 – 1971 in the late afternoon.   My grade school girlfriends and I loved it! 

 I was so hooked, that when ABC changed the afternoon timeslot so that I was not home from school in time to watch — in what can only be described as an extraordinary act of unconditional love, I convinced my very religious Swedish Lutheran grandmother to watch it and then give me the blow-by-blow via phone as soon as I got home. I would pepper her with questions that (looking back) must have been so bizarre for her to respond.

 Perhaps the only person who loved Dark Shadows more than I did is Johnny Depp.  During my normal, extensive, pre-blogging research, I discovered that Depp is involved in project to remake Dark Shadows for the big screen with Depp as Barnabas Collins.  

 Trivia:  David Selby [Quentin Collins, Dark Shadows] appears in Mad Men (2007) as Horace Cook, Sr.

 Scariest Vampire:  Claudia, Interview with the Vampire (Kirsten Dunst)

She looked so innocent, yet was as ruthless and insatiable as Lestat.  And there was something so disturbing about the adorable/deadly perpetual little girl.  Dunst was perfect in the role. (Also, compare the Dunst photo with the Stevie Nicks photo…Stevie’s “mini me”??!!)

 Worst Vampire Movie:  Bram Stoker’s Dracula

It didn’t take very long for me to find myself rooting for Gary Oldman’s Dracula to make quick work of Keanu Reeves’ Jonathan Harker.  Really, about 30 minutes into the movie and I wanted Harker to die.  Painfully.

 I have not watched HBO’s True Blood nor have I read any of the Twilight books, so I am looking to you to comment on your memorable vampires and bring me up to speed on Vampires in the new millennium. So please add your comments!