The Junk Drawer

[odds & ends too brief for a post, too lengthy for Twitter]

I attended ITA Dec 6 – 9 in Palm Springs.  What a wonderful group of people and a spectacular line up of sessions.  I learned A LOT (which will be the basis for future posts).  Also, I was very honored to speak on Social Media and then to co-facilitate a round table discussion (that ended up being two tables and two rows of folks deep) with Wayne Schulz.

Friday found me in Dallas for the Sage MME Partner Meeting.  What a great group of partners!  Laurie Schultz, Pascal Van Dooren, and Scott Zandbergen presented and facilitated a lively, productive discussion.

I met two absolutely delightful folks via Twitter this weekend @golden_lioness and @legaleagle29.  @legaleagle29 and I decided we were all “Tiger’d” out.  The lioness and I were talking Twitter comfort level, the loathsomeness of Time Warner, and the fact that my beloved nephew was the best in his US Army Reserve sharpshooter class.

On the bookshelf – I am 3/4 through Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk, 1/4 of the way through Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, and 1/3 of the way through Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  All three of these books made Inc. Magazine’s top business books of 2009 (and made me feel much like I do when I’ve completed a Sudoku puzzle – smug & brainy.  There’s no living with me if I’m doing well on the Mensa puzzles in American Way…).

On the sports front this weekend – it was a tough one.  Lots of burnt orange tears shed over Colt McCoy not winning the Heisman.  The feeling around Austin is that the last time criminal Heisman mis-selection took place, we won the National Championship.  So we’re going to take that and run with it.  Adding to the gloom, the Cowboys lost.  [Wait for it…] Yes, I know it is December.

Oh, and I had a brush with fame!  @FakeDanSnyder was taking questions from the little people during the Washington – Oakland game.  I was honored that he deigned to answer my question “What’s the deal with you and Tom Cruise?”  The answer:  We are BFFs and have the bracelets to prove it, plus we are both tall in stature.

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