Jingle in my Heart

“The wind is low the birds will sing that you’re a part of everything…”

When Ben was little he had a bunch of flannel receiving blankets affectionately referred to as The Bear Night-Nights.  Long after the bottle and the nook were gone, the Bear Night-Nights were clung to with fierce affection.  Thread bare, ripped, faded, the Bear Night-Nights accompanied Ben everywhere.  I asked him once, “Since you’re starting Kindergarten in a few weeks and are now a big boy, should we get rid of the Bear Night-Nights?”  He looked at me with such horror that I felt immediately bad.  I then felt even more miserable when he said, “You don’t understand they put a jingle in my heart!”

Cover from John Lennon The Life by Philip Norman

Since then “jingle in my heart” has become Westerberg short hand for the greatest delight.  The dogs have “jingle in my heart” bonafides. Beloved son, obviously, has jingle in my heart status.  But it wasn’t until 20 minutes ago that I realized The Beatles put a jingle in my heart.  UPS came by, I opened the package, and there was John Lennon The Life by Philip Norman.  Jingle.

A week or so ago, I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch “All Together Now” the documentary about the making of the Beatles and Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas show “LOVE”.  I watched with rapt attention.  Jingle.

I have frequently lamented Sir Paul’s rotten brown hair dye job.  But, I still love him.

One of my favorite collections is the Concert for George, including Billy Preston’s great cover of My Sweet Lord and Eric Clapton’s of If I Needed Someone.

But there’s nothing like the originals.

And so here are my Top 10 Beatles songs in no particular order:

Ticket to Ride;  Listen, Do You Want to Know a Secret; Blackbird; Dear Prudence; Hey Jude; Don’t Let Me Down; Norwegian Wood; Fool on the Hill; Revolution; and Twist ‘n Shout.

What are your favorite Beatles songs?

Oh!  And the final fate of the Bear Night-Nights?  They accompanied us on a trip to Disney World and were thrown out by housekeeping.  (Which really surprised me…but Ben was a big boy about the whole thing.)