The Junk Drawer – 2

[odds & ends too brief for a post, too lengthy for Twitter]

Don’t look at me cross-eyed or overuse CAPS in a Tweet asking me for a follow.  Bossy Tweets are so persuasive <sarcasm>.  Especially after a day of routine errands made hair-raising by Christmas traffic and sweat-inducing deep cleaning of the house.  I’m also upset and anxious about Dante (the dog).  Will be talking with the Vet on Monday.  He’s getting old and his behavior towards grooming (among other things) is causing major problems.  His snappiness with others got him booted out of every grooming place.  So I’ve been doing as best I can on the grooming front, and last night when I tried to bathe him, he bit me. I’m sure this is contributing to my testiness today.

I’m reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and was tickled to readthat my alma mater produced a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.  I tweeted the following “Fun fact: My alma mater, the Stanford of the Midwest, Augsburg College had a Nobel laureate in Chemistry – via Gladwell’s Outliers”  I immediately got a reply from a couple of Auggies and the following from @augsburgcollege “You see what happens when you tweet that you are an Auggie? Yep, you are immediately followed by @augsburgcollege.”  Yep, immediately followed by 2 Auggies and dozens of Germans (I am assuming that they are saying nice things about my Tweets, Augsburg College, or Gladwell).

Beloved son is on his way home.  He broke up the trip by stopping in St. Louis and staying with some friends.  He plans on driving toAustin tomorrow and pass the time by listening to football on Sirius.  Carl, dog of beloved son, is also making the trip.  It will be the equivalent of getting coal in his stocking for Dante.

I am really enjoying the Christmas cards that are coming in.  I used to do my Christmas cards during Thanksgiving weekend, but this year have been sending out as I receive from friends and family – the Christmas letters, photos, etc. spur thoughts and emotions – so I have been writing back to folks sharing those thoughts and feelings as well as a bit of news.

Speaking of Christmas cards, if you get a card from me and it’s ugly, flip it over.  You’ll see that it’s from one charity or another.  For whatever reason, this year I received a slew of Christmas cards and all occasion cards from various nonprofits.  I decided that I would make a donation and use them instead of throwing them out.  Happy, Merry, Green, and Ugly!

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