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Made up Interviews with Fictional Characters (MUIWFC)

DW:  Today I am pleased that Amy Rothstein, daughter of Sam (Ace) and Ginger Rothstein, has agreed to be my guest.  Welcome Amy!

AR:  Hello.

DW:  At the end of Casino, we see the Tangiers being razed.  What have you been doing since?

AR:  Well, shortly thereafter, as a part of an insurance agreement between my dad and his employers, I moved to Kansas City to live with Aunt Deborah, my Dad’s sister, until I was done with high school.  I then went to college, majored in accounting and began work with a local office of a regional CPA firm doing application software work –

DW:  It wouldn’t happen to be Sage MAS 90 Extended Enterprise would it?

AR:  Yes, that and FAS…Peachtree for my smaller customers.  What exactly…who do you write for…I’m not sure I get this…

DW:  This is my own personal blog.  I write about things that are interesting to me.  I’ve seen Casino in its entirety probably 20+ times and little snippets while channel surfing upwards of a hundred times.  So I jumped at the chance to interview you and toss in a gratuitous product placement.  Was living in Kansas City dull compared to your life in Las Vegas?

AR:  If the opposite of being tied to your bed when your mom goes out for the evening is dull, then yes, it’s been dull.  I like Kansas City.  I enjoy my job.  I live comfortably.  Not everyone who survived Casino can say the same.

DW:  Oh really?  Like who?

AR:  Well, after Nicky and Dominick were buried alive, my Dad’s employer asked Jennifer Santoro to move back to Kansas City as well.  She’s living with her parents, who’ve got to be in their nineties, and working at Talbot’s at the mall.  I used to shop at Talbot’s for work clothes, but it was awkward when I ran into Mrs. Santoro one night.  She blames my mother for breaking up her marriage, so…

DW:  You look like your mom, so I could see that would bring back some unwelcome memories.  What about Little Nicky?

AR:  He had some problems in high school.  Barely graduated.  Eventually did some time.  He’s currently working the grill nights at Waffle House near the turnpike.  At least that’s what my Aunt Deb told me.

DW: The movie never alludes to what happened to Lester Diamond.  I’m curious about him and about Billy Sherbert.

AR:  My Uncle Billy went to work for another casino after my Dad got out of the business.  As for Lester Diamond, my Dad denies that he did anything, and fools like that generally take care of themselves, but he’s never been heard from.  My Dad is pretty honest – one time, Mrs. Santoro made some crack to my Aunt that in all likelihood Lester Diamond was my real father, and when I asked my Dad about it, he laughed and said that he had a paternity test conducted to ensure he was my father, so not to worry.

DW:  How often do you get to see your Dad?

AR:  I see him at holidays.  We email, we skype.  The usual.  He’s a proud Papa.

DW:  Still a killer handicapper?

AR:  Absolutely.  I’m in a football pool with some of my colleagues.  My dad is always offering to help me make my picks.  I used to adamantly refuse, but it bummed him out so much that I decided to let him pick one game for me.  This past Sunday he gave me the Jets over the Colts.  He also gave me Tampa Bay over the Saints –

DW:  How on earth did he –

AR:  [sighs] You said you’ve watched a million times – he knows his stuff.  I went with his advice on the Jets and I’m glad I kept with my original pick of the Saints.  Otherwise, well, you know.

DW:  OK, well, I don’t have any more questions.  If any of my readers ask questions in my comments section, would you be willing to answer them in a follow up?

AR:  I guess so…how many readers do you have?

DW: [clears throat] I don’t know for sure, but on my busiest day there were 62 –

AR: Sixty-two hundred isn’t a lot…

DW: No…62…in one day.  Though in the last few months, in total, there’s been a couple thousand…

AR:  How many of those clicks were you?

DW: [indignant] WordPress does not count my own visits to my blog.

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