The Junk Drawer – 3

I attended the Austin Social Media Club meeting Tuesday night.  I was struck by two profound things.  First, I was the oldest person in the room by at least a decade. (Vanity won’t allow me to calculate anymore precisely than that.  Found myself wondering if I had danced with any of these guys at the Delta Sigma Phi’s Mom’s Prom during my son’s college years.)  Second, I have seen the future and it is young, demanding and razor sharp. People are making decisions in a very, very different way.  And if they do it for shoes, and pet food, and phones, it is only a matter of time before they do it for ERP, CRM, HRMS, etc., – if they don’t already. I’m sorry, my dear partners, but you will not stop hearing about Social Media from me.

Beloved Son attended the Cowboys – Vikings game last Sunday.  He is a die-hard Cowboys fan.  His friends and family know this.  He called me after he got home from the Metrodome to tell me that he received so much text taunting during the game that his iPhone maxed out.

Speaking of the Cowboys, this is one of my best brush-with-fame stories.  I have a witness, Dennise Bodden-Cowart who can confirm the veracity of the story.  Dennise and I attended a nonprofit conference in Toronto a number of years ago. I got an invitation to the Kintera VIP reception.  So Dennise and I attended and had an opportunity to meet one of Kintera’s investors, none other than Emmitt Smith.

I had the chance to tell E about the abuse my son endured for being a Cowboy fan.  (My family members are long-suffering Vikings fans.  His Dad’s family members are nut case Packer fans.)  True to the Boys, and in spite of the grief he took, Ben had posters of the Triplets – Smith, Aikman and Irvin – on his bedroom wall.

Emmitt immediately asked if he was at the reception. No.  “Let’s call him!” Smith suggested.  I pulled out my cell phone.  Hit the speed dial for Ben (who was 16 at the time) and handed the phone to Emmitt.  He talked with my son for 10 minutes.  Then burst into laughter and said, “She’s right here,” and handed me back the phone.

What Ben had said was, “It is really cool talking to you, but what are you doing with my Mom’s cell phone?”

Speaking of the Vikings:

What’s hot:  Brett Favre’s version of Pants on the Ground

What’s not:  Prince’s Purple and Gold (Honestly, this sounds suspiciously like the senior’s choir that used to sing at 5:00 Mass at a church that shall remain anonymous.)

Speaking of football:  My Horns lost the National Championship.  Naturally, I was watching the Tweet feed as well as the TV.  I have to say that Crimson Tide folks that are in my Twitterverse kept it classy.  (Unlike some dorks who were tweeting the Colt McCoy was a quitter and a baby.)  So first, congratulations to the Tide – it’s nerve-racking just getting to the big stage, winning is true achievement.  Second, the pride of LTHS right here in Lakeway, Garrett Gilbert did great and was remarkably poised and effective considering the stage on which he made his debut.  Hook ‘Em!

From the book shelf

Cover from John Lennon The Life by Philip Norman

I finished John Lennon The Life by Philip Norman.  If you are fascinated with The Beatles, as I am, there’s just no passing it up.  There was new “stuff” in here for me; notably Yoko Ono’s background and life growing up in Japan as well as letters/material from John’s father Fred’s unpublished autobiography.  At the completion of the book, there is an 8 page postscript by Sean Lennon.  In the acknowledgements, the author reveals that while he had remarkable access and cooperation from Yoko Ono, when the book was complete she refused to endorse it because she thought it was “mean to John.”

Also completed, Crush It! Why now is the time to cash in on your passion, by Gary Vaynerchuk.  This is only 142 pages including the index.  But don’t let the slimness of the book fool you – it’s packed with good stuff.  I went through it very slowly because it is dense in great ideas for online marketing.  I will share chapter 9 “The Best Marketing Strategy Ever” with you.  It is one word:  CARE.

So with that, thanks for reading.  I care about you.

One person’s junk is another’s Goodwill.

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