The Junk Drawer 4

I didn’t realize how much I loved social media until this week.  I was asked about how quickly it could be leveraged to make money and “prostitution?!” popped into the thought bubble above my head.  Here’s the thing:  I am not opposed to making money online, at all – but there was a crude ignorance to the question that made me feel sad for the person asking (no one anyone reading knows).  Think: using a thoroughbred to plow a field.

Speaking of horses…

I got Rick-rolled at the grocery store.  But instead of “Never Gonna Give You Up” it was Rhinestone Cowboy playing on the sound system.  This song has been around forever but for the first time I was struck by how upbeat the melody is and how depressing the lyrics are:

Where hustle’s the name of the game

And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain

There’s been a load of compromisin’

On the road to my horizon

But I’m gonna be where the lights are shining on me…

This could be the autobiography of Balloon Boy’s parents!

Speaking of 15 minutes of fame…Michelle Tafoya RT’d me twice during the NFC Championship game.  Michelle is the sideline reporter for Monday Night Football and has a radio show in my hometown of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  My Dad, who has no idea what Twitter is, was tremendously impressed – he does know who Michelle is.

I have had several bouts of insomnia this past week which has led to watching parts of the following movies in the wee hours:

Big – This is for the most part a delightful movie, wonderfully cast, deliciously 80s – but I could not then (the mother of a 3 yr old) nor can I now – get past the missing child side of the story.  The scene where Billy hears the walkie-talkie crackling and looks out the window to see Mrs. Baskin sitting in Josh’s room holding the other walkie-talkie cramps my heart.  Am I the only one?

Casino – I’ve seen it so many times.  But for the 1st time or the 48th time there’s no denying how compelling it is.  At first you may be dazzled by the visual assault – from the lights of Vegas to Ace Rothstein’s suit combos.  Then you might be impressed by the soundtrack and the pace of the movie – it’s 3 hours long but doesn’t drag in the least.  Lately, I’ve been wondering what is the moral of the story?  What, if anything, were we supposed to learn about Ace?  What, if anything, did Ace learn about himself between the start of the script and the end of the script?

The Wrestler – Which is kind of an “Indie” version of the Rhinestone Cowboy lyrics now that I think about it…hmm.  This chronicles the attempt of pro wrestler Randy “Ram” Robinson to adjust to life-after-wrestling following a heart bypass surgery.  His love interest, the aging stripper Cassidy, is brilliantly played by Marisa Tomei.  The subtlety of her facial expressions when rejected by customers in the bar, and regarding her uncertainty regarding Randy, illustrate a complex palate of emotion.  No spoiler from me.

Sung to the tune of Golden Earring’s Radar Love…c’mon…everybody: Yeah, we gotta thing, it’s called Junk Drawer Luh-huv!

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