How to Handle the Typo

I read a lot of blogs and web sites.  Often, my eye will catch a typo.  I know that the author didn’t mean to write “here” instead of “hear” or that they mistakenly typed “it” instead of “in” and spell check didn’t pick it up – I know this because I have made the same mistakes.

If I know the blogger, we’re friends and I have an email address, it is easy for me to shoot a note telling them of the error.  However, if I don’t know the person and the only option is to mention it in the comments – I don’t.  I don’t want to appear to be a nit-picker.  I will agonize over it.  Have thoughts like “If it were me, I would want to know so that I could change it.”  But I don’t want such a comment to sabotage the impact of the larger message.

Last week, I saw a brilliant proactive step taken by the “LinkedIn Queen” – someone I follow on Twitter.  She sent out a Tweet that said their new web site had launched, invited people to visit, and if anyone saw a typo, to let them know, they’d send you a gift.

Brilliant!  One, they enlisted an entire battalion of fresh eyes to review the site.  Two, they lifted any stigma for people like me who struggle with “should I or shouldn’t I?”  And, they rewarded the effort.

Great example of engaging the community.

p.s. If you see a typo here, please, let me know.  You may do so in the comments or you can email me at  Your fresh eyes are appreciated!  And I will send you a gift!