What Others Have to Say About Your Business

What others have to say about you and your business is far more powerful than anything you could say.

When you tell me “We have very high customer loyalty” or “We have great net promoter scores,” I do believe you, but I become concerned when I go to your web site and see no testimonials or success stories from your customers.

I am curious – what are the things that you’ve done to make your customers so loyal?  What is it about you that they find indispensable?  How has your assistance helped them be more effective for their business?  And, I’d like to hear it in their words.

I’ve been to a number of offices where there are framed letters from customers written about the great experiences they’ve had:  who helped, how they helped, and what that help meant to them.  I’m drawn like a magnet.

And guess what, so are your prospective customers.  The number one preferred source for making a purchasing decision was receiving a recommendation from a friend (90%).  The second preferred source was receiving a recommendation from a stranger (70%).

When a friend recommends a book to me, it’s pretty much sold – it’s a recommendation coming from a friend.  (I refer to this as my Amazon “problem”.)  When I’m shopping for books online, I immediately scroll down to see what other Amazon customers have written about the book – these are recommendations from strangers.  I like the “everyman” take infinitely more than the professional reviews that are placed at the top of the page.

I had the privilege of participating in the Sage Leadership Academy Alumni Association (SLAAA) retreat in October.  As a matter of practice, after each presentation, they invite those who are interested to meet in the hall to share their reaction to the presentation on via digital recording.  These videos are then placed on the SLAAA YouTube channel.  What a great resource for partners who are evaluating whether to attend – they can view other partners’ takes on the content.

Think about the best way to get your customers involved in providing feedback on their experience with your business.  Chances are you have some success stories that you can post on your web site.  You might also think of enhancing other pages by adding a sandbox or column titled “What our customers have to say.”

Your customers’ word is a powerful influence – share it!