The Junk Drawer 5

“That kind of sounds like the Heath Ledger cocktail,” commented Beloved Son yesterday  when I told him that I was on a diet of steroids, muscle relaxers, pain killers and alternating heat and cold packs to the lower back.

Last weekend my back started to give me minor complaints.  Someone once told me that “your body betrays you in so many ways after 40.”  You get to a certain age and have to acknowledge that you can sleep wrong and throw your body out of whack.  Wednesday morning getting out of bed was a painful and frightening experience.

Back pain interferes with business as usual and boy does it humble.  Wednesday after visiting the doctor, I dropped off my prescriptions and made a painful and slow slog through the grocery store – suddenly devoid of the ubiquitous employees cluttering every aisle asking if they can help me find something.  I am suddenly and painfully aware of how many of my staples reside on the bottom shelf.

The next stop was CVS to pick up my prescriptions.  I laughed out loud when I saw that both heating pads and cold packs were on the bottom shelf.  It hurt to laugh.  It hurt even more to get what I needed.  Humbling.

Back pain interferes with thinking, writing, reaching for the phone, and being on line.  It’s now almost 9:30 in the morning and between some slo-mo shuffling, coffee, steroids and muscle relaxers for breakfast, on a scale of 1 to 10, I have gotten to 2.

To get me through my alternating heat/cold treatments I read New England White by Stephen L. Carter, a murder mystery that involves a recent crime that is tied to the a murder that took place a few decades ago.  Carter, author of more non-fiction than fiction, (also a Yale law professor) writes beautifully.

“She was helping young people who served, too often, as props for politicians and as applause lines for activists.”

Carter begins each part of the book with economic terminology, “maximizing utility,” “supplying demand,” etc, but the conflict is one of morals, and the tension between macro morality and micro morality.

Speaking of micro and macro, I am putting together a deep dive track for the Spring ITA conference in April.  The track is on communications – a means to explore the question of What does your next customer know about you? – micro and macro communications and how they integrate to get your message and brand out to your next customers.  This will cover writing and web sites, presentations and video, micro and macro blogging.  If you have any good links for this please send my way.

I hope to be writing more over the weekend, but now I must strap on the cold pack.

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