Getting Social Leads to Referrals

Those of you who have participated in Sage Sales Academy or Ninety Five 5 know who Mahan Khalsa is.  While attending Sage Consultants Academy, I received a copy of revised edition of Khalsa’s Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play ( ).  From the book:

One research study revealed that the odds of a business executive agreeing to talk with you are:

84 percent if referred by a person she knows inside her company

44 percent if referred by a person she knows outside her company

44 percent if you connect with her outside her office, such as at a conference or social gathers

A great way of enjoying those odds is genuine, enthusiastic networking.  Where two or more are gathered…there’s an invitation to network.  Not to sell, initially.  But to give people a chance to know, like and trust us.

Social Media is an excellent way to extend your reach.  Perhaps it’s time to blow the dust off of your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.  Perhaps it’s time to open a Twitter account, look for people in your community and join the discussion.

Outside of ITA and Sage University – the best business information has been coming to me via Twitter – folks that I began following and exchanging ideas.  I spent some time searching and adding them to my list – but not a lot.

I think the reason I have almost 1700 followers is that I take the time to socialize with my Tweeps.  Yes, I Tweet about things other than business – just as you probably talk about things other than business when meeting someone for the first time.

Question for you:  Would you be willing to endure the “just ate a donut” tweet if it was from someone who ultimately sent business (a new customer) your way?  But to be honest, that’s not the type of Tweets I see 99.5% of the time.

This morning @unmarketing ( ) tweeted the following, “I care not to argue with those who don’t believe in social media, like relationships are some sort of cult for crazies.”

Amen.  Relationship marketing is what it’s all about.