Watching Your Imagination

I believe we have two “mind belts.”  One is positive and one is negative.  The belts cannot work simultaneously.  If you begin looping and accelerating on the negative, it takes over.  The good news is if you begin looping and accelerating on the positive, the positive gains the momentum.  Each of us has the ability to control which belt is running.

We need to guide our thoughts.

A number of years ago, I saw James Mapes present at a Sage event in Dallas.  As a take away from the event, Sage gave each attendee a copy of Mapes’ book Quantum Leap Thinking .  It was at that time that I signed up for Mapes’ newsletter.

The latest issue talks about the power of imagination.  Mapes writes, “Left undisciplined and without direction, it [imagination] will run amuck, grabbing hold of fear and creating havoc.  Yet, when it is focused in the right direction, creativity explodes and ideas blossom.”

I don’t know about you, but more blossoming ideas and creative explosions are more than welcome in my day to day.  But I get stuck in the other stuff.

Here is an exercise from Mapes to get the positive energy belt spinning:

  1. Take a moment and imagine tomorrow, one week, one month and then one year from today.
  2. Be honest with yourself and determine if you are imagining a future of fear or of possibility.
  3. Write down one goal that you have wanted to achieve but, for whatever reason, have put aside.
  4. Using all your senses, imagine ‘as if’ you have already achieved your goal.
  5. Write down one action step that you could take within the next 24 hours to make that imagined goal come true.

Good luck!

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