The Junk Drawer 7

We’re coming off a week where much of the buzz on Twitter was in regard to SXSWi celebrities, or people who thought they were celebrities, and celebrities behaving badly.

Given my own blinding wattage of celebrity status, I decided to get out of Austin and promptly hopped on a plane to Omaha to get my humble on.  That’s a joke of the self-deprecating humor variety, for those of you who don’t know me.

However, I did have a snobbish moment with the IP Attorney who was sitting next to me on the plane.  She was coming in from San Francisco to do some work for a client and was a regular visitor.  I asked if there was anything that I should be sure to see, do, eat – time permitting, in-between wedding functions.  She looked at me blankly.  “Be on the look out for Warren Buffett?” she offered weakly.

For a moment, I was filled with civic pride, thinking that the state of my birth, Minnesota, which I always believed to be light on celebrities, at least had more numerous and more interesting celebrities than Nebraska.

Minnesota celebrities include Judy Garland, Bob Dylan, Vince Vaughn, Josh Hartnett, Prince, Jesse Ventura, and yes, previously mentioned in the JD series, Richard Dean Anderson.  And that other Anderson, who was married to Stevie Nicks for about 20 minutes.

Boy was I wrong.

Look who Nebraska can boast about:  Malcolm X, Nick Nolte, L.Ron Hubbard, Gabrielle Union, Paula Zahn, Marlon Brando and (though not a person) Kool Aid!

And that isn’t even a comprehensive list, for more on Nebraska Celebrities, click here –

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