Twitter for Beginners – Part 5

Capulets vs. Montagues.

Al Gore vs. Glenn Beck

Addams Family vs. Munsters

UT vs. OU

Polarizing.  Hate filled feuds.  Lightning rods.  Cause for strife in families and grounds for separation.

But nowhere near as controversial as the Twitter #FollowFriday (or #FF) “list” versus “one line description” debate.

Follow Friday is a way to promote the people you follow to your followers.  Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Be careful, lines are drawn and passion runs deep regarding the protocol of #FollowFriday.

Many people will send out a list.  I actually find the list very helpful.  If I like reading the tweets of the person making the recommendation, chances are I’ll like the folks they’re following.  It’s convenient to have 4 or 5 recommendations in one place.  Here an example of a “list” that I sent out recently:

#FollowFriday @tracetv @HowellMarketing @sharonmostyn @clarkhaley @joecostantino @ducttape

Every Friday, when the #FollowFriday lists (like the one above) begin hitting the Twitter, the proponents of the “one line description” will send one over the bow, along the lines of “give a brief reason to follow, so much more helpful.”  And, I agree.  In fact, the people who send out the descriptions can be downright poetic in their #FollowFriday tweets.  I’ve also sent out the “reason to follow” variety of #FollowFriday tweet as well:

Life is just BETTER with @inthiseconomy – it just is.

So, I’m a weird Tweep.  I like both.  And because there’s a part of me that doesn’t like being told what to do (especially when it involves helping somebody else out), I stubbornly continue to Tweet both varieties of #FollowFriday exhortations.

Maybe that’s why my followers aren’t increasing…  😉

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