The Junk Drawer 8

The wedding in Omaha was wonderful, if the weather was not.  It was a chance to see Beloved Son and his wonderful friends from St. Louis University (SLU), and to share in the wedding of Neal and Deana.

Friday night I enjoyed the rehearsal dinner at Anthony’s Steak House with the bride and groom’s family and friends.  In attendance was the priest who granted a dispensation to have steak during Lent – which I jumped on.

The bride and groom are very special people.  Neal is a law enforcement officer for the county and Deana is finishing up Law School at SLU.  When I met her, a number of years ago, she was doing advocate work for teens in the system.  Special, special young woman.  Neal, and in fact the entire Klein family, I adore.  I sat next to youngest brother Adrian, who is in his freshman year at Alabama.  Wicked bright.  Amazing conversationalist.

The Wedding Mass was beautiful and the reception was enormous fun.  I had a chance to catch up with older brother of the groom Jesse Klein who is an auditor for Price Waterhouse.

Many friends traveled to the wedding from out of state.  I saw a lot of Beloved Son’s former roommates and classmates from SLU which was so fun.

As promised, the occasion served to provide me with an updated photo of me and Beloved Son.

The trip back was rather wild.  I have flown 2 million miles on American Airlines.  I earned them the hard way – all domestic travel.  My flight from Omaha to DFW was diverted to Alliance Airport – home to private jets and the air cargo business.

We had been in holding pattern over DFW and because of fuel concerns were diverted to Alliance.  We sat there for about an hour.  What was weird was flying such a short distance back to DFW.  It was a white knuckle, sweaty palms experience.

Back in Austin, the airport was filled with the SXSW music crowd.  Lots of black and guitar cases.

From L to R: Andy Harris, Jordan Klein, Neal Klein, Adrian Klein, Benjamin Westerberg, Max Meisinger, Jesse Klein and Gaetano Falcone

One of my joys is the wonderful friends Beloved Son has made in his young life and the wedding weekend allowed me a chance to see what they were doing and it made me very hopeful.

Andy Harris – pilot.  Jordan Klein – pharmacist. Neal Klein – law enforcement.  Adrian Klein – student.  Benjamin Westerberg – Law School.  Jesse Klein – public accounting, future entrepreneur.  Gaetano Falcone – pilot, US Air Force.