The Junk Drawer 10

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The last time I was about to leave for a business trip, the refrigerator was causing problems.  This time it’s even worse – electrical issues.

Last night, I decided to do some deep cleaning in what was Beloved Nephew’s room.  So I moved everything to one side of the room so I could vacuum and spot clean the carpet. I won’t chronicle all the details – suffice to say, it was just like in the cartoons, plus sparks shooting, vacuum plug destroyed, my hand burned (not badly) and later a lusty pull off the wine bottle – pirate style, just happy to be alive!

I think I am going to add a “Best of the Blogs” round up of all the stuff I read and RT.  I’ll try to keep them thematic, so that it’s easy to drill down into a particular topic, but if such classification doesn’t get in the way of good content.  I found a wealth of stuff over the weekend.  In the future I’ll have more description, but here’s a start:

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When you are a Texas Longhorn fan, there aren’t too many football programs that are envy-worthy.  But driving down Southwest Parkway yesterday, I heard Fleetwood Mac’s live version of Tusk (The Dance) which includes the USC Trojan Marching Band.  And it hit me:  I do envy that USC TMB has a signature song given to them by, arguably, one of the best bands, ever.

Here’s the original (poor quality) video of Fleetwood Mac and USC TMB which includes mesmerizing footage of Stevie Nicks twirling a baton.

On and off over the last couple days, I’ve been thinking, is there a suitable song?  I don’t think there is. But wouldn’t it be great if there was?  We’ve got SXSW, we’re “the” live music capital – we need a signature song for the marching band – not to replace the traditional numbers, but to enhance the playlist.