The Junk Drawer 11

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The electrician came by today (on a Sunday!).  Not only did he restore electricity to the two upstairs bedrooms (see Junk Drawer 10) but he laughed at my story about how it happened and is certain that he can revive the vacuum cleaner.  I bought this top-of-line, turbo-suction vacuum cleaner that I LOVE and bought a lifetime supply of bags to go with it.

Masters weekend!  I am a golf geek and the Masters is the ultimate event – limited commercials, the goofy idiosyncrasies of Augusta, the hyperbole of Jim Nantz, and Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods making it interesting. Plus the fact that I could listen to David Feherty all day – reading the phonebook if it came to that.  My 2010 Masters Dream won’t come true – namely Tiger winning and hunkering down in Butler’s Cabin with Nantz to discuss golf, adultery and nasty divorces.  I have to tell you, I am disappointed that no one has touched this ironic topic with a 10-foot pole. Saturday Night Live, I can understand – golf is a niche audience.   But The Onion and What White People Like – you dropped the ball.

I pretty much worked all weekend – and I accomplished a lot.  My presentation for ITA is complete – both powerpoint slides and handouts.  My topic is “Writing to Delight” and is part of a deep dive on Communications in the web 2.0 world.  I’m pretty pumped.

Also, I notched up one for Twitter evangelism – Sage Nonprofit partner Huckstep & Associates now is on Twitter on the @HuckstepAssoc handle.  Please follow and send a shout out.

And finally a topic that I don’t write about much but is near and dear to my heart – dental hygiene.  I went to Target and bought the top-of-the-line Oral-B Professional Care Braun  series.  I LOVE it.  Many of you do not know that prior to my stellar career in peddling accounting software applications, I worked in a dental office.  Anyway, it is marvelous.  Nothing is sexier than great teeth – so to my mind, an investment in anything that is going to preserve the choppers, is money well spent.