Reach for the Sun

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Just read a great post over @gapingvoid  It’s by guest blogger @pamslim.

It reminds me of one Hugh’s cartoon “Same cross, different nails” .

Imagine a plant placed on your patio.  You water it.  You provide nutrients. But you don’t move it.  The plant will reach toward the sun. It’s in its DNA.

We all need to reach for the sun.  There are negative influencers in our life.  And there are positive, POWERFUL influencers in our life.  We need to have the instincts of the plant and stretch, reach for the sun.

Everybody gets the proverbial dump from life.  Reach for the sun.

One of the joys of social media is the ability to tune into to the positive.  One of the joys of in real life networking is leaning into the positive.  The generous and the uplifting is there.  Do a solid, get a solid.  Be authentic, get authentic.

I’ve seen it over and over again.

Choose and promote the good.  Give to get.  Think about the ripple effect.  Appreciate the generosity. Draw attention to the White Hats. This is the power of the medium.