PR 101 Part 4 – The Company Backgrounder

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An important item for your website’s “News Room” or “Press Kit” is the Company Backgrounder.

This is a one page document that summarizes the business; think of it as the company’s resume’.

A reporter reading this document should be able to get a good idea of what you provide, the types of customers you serve and how they benefit, your geographic footprint, they key contacts in the business, and other important facts about your business.

The Backgrounder does not need to contain every historical milestone, but rather enough to give a quick brief on who you are and what you do.

Tip:  Talk to some of your customers.  Ask them to describe what you do for them and how they benefit. I’m not suggesting that you use customer quotes in the Backgrounder:  but rather get a fresh perspective and possibly fresh vocabulary that would resonate better with someone outside our industry.

The company backgrounder should conclude with the contact information of the person in your company (and that could be you) who has been designated to talk to the press.

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