Fictional Advertising We Love

I can’t deny it. I love it when a movie or television series indulges in showing us how a character advertises his business.

In Goodfellas it’s the gambling, nagging Morrie Kessler who demonstrates in his television ads the resilience of his hairpieces – whether you’re walking in strong wind or frolicking in a pool. (Chuck Low, the actor who plays Morrie Kessler, appears in the Sopranos as Shlomo Teittleman in Denial, Anger Acceptance.)

Speaking of the Sopranos, minor character and executive poker game participant, Dr. Ira Fried also appears in his own commercials. Specializing in erectile dysfunction and head of the Fried Medical Group, Dr. Fried is called upon to act as front for their HUD scam (Watching Too Much Television) and is pulled away from filming his commercial (Armour Fou) to tend to Furio Giunta after being shot in the thigh.

But the master of the ad within the show is Breaking Bad’s criminal lawyer Saul Goodman whose ads are summarized with the pithy call to action, “Better call Saul!”

There is no set of circumstances that can mellow Saul’s enthusiasm or desire to represent even the lowest of losers – “That’s why I fight for you Albuquerque!” No need to try to put in words, since the miracle of YouTube has preserved the litigation willing Saul in all his glory:

Any other examples of ads by fictional characters that you like? Please share in the comments section.