Racism, Sexism, Anti-Semitism, Homophobia, and Poor Taste – a Little Bit of Everything at 2013 Oscars

OscarsIt launched with a litany of actresses in “We Saw Your Boobs” and from there went to cracks about not being a member of the gay men’s choir, Jews controlling Hollywood, not being able to understand Latino actors or tell African American actors apart.

Were these annual meeting notes from the Westboro Baptist Church?  No, this was the 2013 Academy Awards.

It was an embarrassment.  When “We Saw Your Boobs” was performed, the camera shots of the audience showed (polite?) smiles and laughter with the exception of Charlize Theron.  Perhaps because it was so stunningly juvenile, maybe it caught the audience off guard and the people reverted into a kind of  ‘act like nothing’s wrong’ denial?

But the jokes continued in the same inappropriate and disrespectful manner.

The thought that lingers with me is:  did the producers of this show believe that this stuff is funny?  If the same exact jokes and comments came from, say, Rush Limbaugh – wouldn’t there be a maelstrom of condemnation?

I don’t think it matters who says these things – it doesn’t change the meaning.  It still remains classless, ignorant and bigoted.

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