Sam Rothstein’s Suits (Just One Reason I Love Casino)

Sams suitsThe glitter, the glamour, the violence, the music and the great actors – all make Casino mesmerizing.

I enjoy the meticulous attention to detail that Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein gives his operations. I enjoy the mayhem that ensues with Nicky’s arrival. I still can’t figure out how a guy as smart as Sam could fall for Ginger.

2 CasinoBut I’ve always been delighted with Sam’s fashion flair – and this poster is a wonderful tribute to the lavish palette that makes up Sam’s wardrobe. I also enjoy the over-the-top but yet believable “Aces High” talk show that Sam produces in spite of being warned to keep a low profile.

When I’m surfing channels and come upon Casino, I inevitably stop and watch a bit, if not all, of the movie.

Casino should be a part of every DVD library.