Game of Thrones – One Hand That Won’t Be Wiping

Back in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, in the third episode Lord Snow, we hear Jaime Lannister quip, “What’s the old saying? The King shits and the Hand wipes?”

Last night’s horrific, breathtaking closing scene of Game of Thrones, Walk of Punishment, makes one thing clear: there’s one hand that won’t be wiping…anything.

Jaime Lannister is one of the most fascinating characters in Game of Thrones and from the very first episode, we see his sins front and center, but he also has this “most interesting man in Westeros” quality.

3S Jaime's handHe’s the Kingslayer, he’s the precious son of Tywin Lannister, he’s the father (allegedly) of the cruelest teenager king in the Seven Kingdoms, he’s perhaps the most

skilled fighter in recent history, he’s a prisoner of war, he’s dyslexic, he’s the one Lannister that likes Tyrion, and he has just been disfigured by Locke, who is a Bolton bannerman, the most recent person to capture Jaime.

While it’s hard to be sympathetic to the Lannisters, Jaime did push a 10 year old out a castle tower window, my reaction was “Oh no! What will Jaime’s fate ultimately be?”  I’m assuming, of course, that the hand that was cut off was the hand he uses for sword-fighting.

Will Tywin be repulsed by his deformity? Certainly he will be enraged, but will Jaime cease (in Tywin’s eyes) to have the potential to be the man who can help the Lannisters secure a dynasty that would last for thousands of years? Will Jaime even want to live without the ability to be the best swordsman in Westeros?

Game of Thrones does what it always does – creates impatient anticipation for the next installment.