Sunset Strip The Movie

2 SunsetA decade-by-decade examination of the mile and a half of Sunset Boulevard know as Sunset Strip, this documentary is a fascinating account of this ever-evolving mecca of entertainment and shadow culture.

Comedy Clubs, bordellos, strip clubs, Chateau Mormont, Tower Records, the Viper Lounge, Whiskey-a-go-go, to name just a few; are and were just some of the destinations that made Sunset Strip unique.  And every one has it’s own set of stories.

The documentary brings in musicians to talk about the music, gangsters to talk about the mob, club owners to talk about the clubs, and local, long-time residents of Sunset Strip, making an already fascinating tale a star-studded affair.

1 SunsetI’m more than happy to learn about Sunset Strip from a distance, not judging anyone, but when I hear the phrase “before AIDS” numerous times and listen to musicians talk about what was going on under the tables – there just isn’t enough Purell and Clorox Clean-Up spray in the world to get me there in person.

Random Observations:

  • Didn’t realize the Pussy Cat Dolls were the Thursday night house band at the Viper Club.
  • Mickey Cohen was a real gangster and Hush-Hush Magazine was a real publication (I only knew them from L.A. Confidential and assumed they were fictional).
  • Sharon Osborne dishes dirt on Led Zeppelin.
  • Fergie and Slash do a nice cover of Barracuda.
  • There is footage of John Belushi chugging what appears to be a quart of whiskey.
  • I’m not against plastic surgery, but there are a number of people in this documentary who have had a least one too many surgeries.