Love and Life on the Mississippi Mud Starring Matthew McConaughey

MudTwo boys, Ellis and Neck,  exploring an island, looking for a boat in tree, find the boat – but also Mud (Matthew McConaughey) a criminal on the run.

Mud is a modern day Mark Twain story; as in Twain’s works, the Mississippi plays a role in this film. Set in Arkansas, Ellis and his family live on a houseboat on the river. Ellis helps his father catch and sell fish. Neckbone lives with his uncle, who dives for mussels. The river is home, source of livelihood, and a place to explore.

The film captures a group of characters that are all “in between” in some way. Mud is in between a crime (he murdered a man) and escape or apprehension. Ellis is in between childhood and adulthood. He’s also in between his mother and father who are headed towards separation and divorce. And, he’s the messenger between Mud and Juniper (Reese Witherspoon).

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