Willem Dafoe Gives Brilliant Performance in The Hunter

7 The HunterMercenary Martin David (Willem Dafoe) is hired by the dubious mega-corporation to track down and kill the last Tasmanian tiger in existence.

This is a superb mystery that will keep you riveted – even though much of the film takes place in the remote forest.  In fact, this movie is so good, we had to ask the question why hadn’t we heard of it before?

After receiving his assignment in Paris, Martin travels to Tasmanian.  His accommodations consist of an extra bedroom in the home of a young family.  He discovers that the father has been missing for a year – last seen in the remote mountain terrain where Martin will be scouring for signs of the Tasmanian tiger.

Does the tiger even exist?  What happened to the missing man?  Who is following Martin?  There’s plenty of suspense.  The Hunter packs a punch with an amazing series of final scenes.

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