The Leftovers (HBO) Offers Up Fascinating Mystery

The LeftoversFollowing an inexplicable event in which 2% of the world’s population vanishes, the HBO series ‘The Leftovers’ examines how those left behind are moving forward with their loss.  The series zeroes in on the people of Mapleton, both the collective impact on the city and the personal struggles of individuals including police chief Kevin Garvey Jr. (Justin Theroux) and his family – none of whom went missing but each have responded differently to the events.

The Pilot included the actual moment of vanishing, with heart-breaking scenes of an infant gone from his car seat, a young child wandering the supermarket parking lot searching for his dad.  Eskimo in the Field reviews the pilot here.

In the second episode, ‘Penguin One, Us Zero‘, the show puts forth the possibility that our main character, Kevin Garvey Jr. may be emotionally stressed to the point of hallucinations, creating a mystery man responsible for killing dogs.  Meanwhile his son, Tom, is involved with a cult headed by “Holy Wayne” out in the Nevada desert and his wife has joined a local group called the Guilty Remnant.

The Leftovers opts for the personal drama over special effects or supernatural drama (though there is an element) and the result is a very compelling mystery.

Episode 7 – Solace for Tired Feet (The Leftovers HBO)

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Episode 2 – Penguin One, Us Zero (The Leftovers HBO)

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