The Tunnel, American Gothic, 12 Monkeys, Pretty Little Liars, and more

The Tunnel – PBS Sunday Nights. We are loving The Tunnel – the BBC series based on the Swedish series Bron/Broen (which also inspired the FX series The Bridge starring Diane Kruger and Demian Bichir). The Tunnel features Game of Thrones alum Stephen Dillane as Detective Karl Roebuck who is teamed with the unusual Elise Wasserman of the French police. Great characters, deep mystery and a little political spice make for a great Sunday night drama. We’re covering each episode. Read more here

The Tunnel

12 Monkeys is receiving regular coverage from Eskimo in the Field. There’s a lot of weight on these characters’ shoulders, and though this season has seen a number of allegiances crumble only to be rebuilt again, it makes sense that Cole, Cassie, and Ramse have very different opinions on the right and wrong time jump – the choice is life or death, and the wrong choice spells imminent doom. Monday nights on SyFy. Read more here

Animal Kingdom – We loved the movie and the jury is still out on the series. Anthony Ventre is giving each episode thorough coverage. The violence escalates in each episode and whether young J can manage to survive in this psychotic mosh pit is the gripping tension week in and week out. Tuesday nights on TNT. Read more here

Animal Kingdom

The American West – Learn about the heroes, villains, outlaws and Native American warriors that are the central characters in this dramatization of real events. Executive Producer Robert Redford often serves as narrator and the stories are intermixed with opinions and facts served up by celebrities and historians. Saturday nights on AMC. Read more here

American Gothic – Family secrets, murder in Boston, old money – American Gothic has it all plus a serial killer. Wednesday nights on CBS. Read more here

American Gothic

Pretty Little Liars – My niece makes me watch it. Really. Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend. Stressful for sure, but our girls always have perfect hair and a correct look. Tuesday nights on Freeform (formerly the ABC Family channel). Read more here

Outlander – And we are anxiously awaiting the second season finale of Outlander, Bernadette Giacomazzo has been feverishly covering our English/Scot love triangle spanning the centuries with her special flair for romantic history. Saturday night on STARZ. Read more here