The Night Of, Outlander, The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars and more

Outlander – This past week means the end of our favorite Saturday night historical romance Outlander. New characters are introduced and Claire learns a stunning fact. Claire is still beautiful in 1968, though neither Frank nor Jamie are in her life. Things are not easy for Claire’s daughter Brianna. Raised as Frank’s daughter she loves Frank and isn’t happy to find out that there was someone else in her mother’s life. More on Dragonfly in Amber

The Night Of The Beach

The Night Of – While there will be a void on Saturday nights, Sunday nights bring a fantastic new series from HBO The Night Of. You might notice the name James Gandolfini in the credits as Executive Producer – the series was stalled as a result of Gandolfini’s death. This is a mesmerizing mystery drama that kicks off with the murder of a young woman. Her companion for the night, young Naz, meets her by accident and wakes up from an ecstasy/tequila shots black out to discover her bloody body, stabbed dozens of times. More on ‘The Night Of’ premiere The Beach

The Americans – After the A++++++ Season 4, we’re revisiting Season 1. In ‘The Clock’ Philip and Elizabeth are given a risky mission where they must turn the housekeeper of US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. In order to do so, they poison her only child, and withhold the antidote until she does what they want. It’s an interesting situation, since one of the things Philip and especially Elizabeth detest about the United States is the treatment of African Americans in its Capitalistic system. More on The Americans ‘The Clock”

Pretty Little Liars The Talented Mr. Rollins

Pretty Little Liars continues with ‘The Talented Mr. Rollins’ – the show we hate to love. The the girls stick it to some old doctor who doesn’t seem all that bothered by abuse allegations… until they threaten to cause a big scene and file a report. He takes them to check on Ali and he goes over her chart with Rollin’s present. More on Pretty Little Liars ‘The Talented Mr. Rollins’

American Gothic – Nighthawks – Nighthawks refers to the famous Edward Hopper painting of the same name. The opening shot has spooky Garrett watching a woman in the Filly Diner and making notes on her activities. More on American Gothic

The Tunnel Episode 4 – Elise and Karl track down where the Truth Terrorist is holding Jean-Claude, but they fail in saving Jean-Claude and capturing the TT. There may be quite a surprise in store for recent vasectomy patient Karl Roebuck, Mrs. Roebuck is feeling exhausted and nauseated. Does the TT visit troubled Benji Robertson? Benji believe that a person named “No One” has sent him a special gift. More on The Tunnel

The American West continues with Outlaw Rising – The rootless Billy the Kid found a home and a man he admired with John Tunstall. When Tunstall was shot down, Billy the Kid devoted himself to avenging the killing of his benefactor. How many men he killed in this endeavor is in question but the high side of the estimate puts him in a league with the most notorious of western gunslingers. More on The American West