Killjoys Shaft s2e3

Killjoys Shaft – As Killjoys, Season 2, Episode 3, “Shaft” opens we see Dutch confronting Khlyen, who cuts the heroic reclamation agent to reveal that she bleeds the green goo, suggesting that she has already been turned into a Level Six without her knowing about it.

Killjoys Shaft

Review and recap Killjoys Shaft Episode 3

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12 hours before, we see Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin with Turin back at their meeting where episode 2 ended. Turin gives them the warrant of finding another team of Killjoys, a woman named Tania, her husband and sister, who have disappeared on a mission. Along with Alvis, the former monk rebel, the three go forth in Lucy to find and hopefully rescue their compatriots.

The warrant takes them to an abandoned mine that has been overrun with a strange green moss. They find Tania, but she doesn’t seem to be altogether right in the head. Her sister is missing, and her husband, she says, has gone insane.

Killjoys Shaft

However, it turns out that the green moss is actually creatures that contain the green goo that is being used to create Level 6’s. One of the side effects of being bitten by the creatures is that one starts to see things that are not there, like killer husbands. Tania, alas, falls into a pit and is consumed by the creatures. Her husband and sister are likely already dead.

Alvis also finds clues in the mine about a prayer that concerns 12 monks who went forth to fight the devil but did not come back. Apparently the mine was where they did not come back from.

Killjoys Shaft

Dutch is bitten by one of the creatures, and then we see her having the confrontation with Khlyen, which is evidentially happening entirely inside her head. Johnny, aboard Lucy, rescues Dutch, D’avin, and Alvis from the mines and brings Dutch out of her hallucination. The question arises, did Khlyen extract the green goo from the creatures to make Level 6’s, or are the creatures another one of his experiments?

Meanwhile, in the biodome, Jelco reveals to Pawter the real reason he has her captive. He has a heart condition that really could use her medical skills to fix. She does so, but with the twist that the heart will explode if Jelso tries to stop her from leaving. She departs the Spring Hills biodome but, while trying to hail Johnny for a pickup, is tackled by a mysterious figure in a hooded cloak.

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Characters and cast of Killjoys Wild Wild Westerly include:

Dutch – Hannah John-Kamen (Whitechapel, The Hour, The TunnelGame of ThronesStar Wars: The Force Awakens)

John Jaqobis – Aaron Ashmore (Smallville, The Shrine, Regression, Warehouse 13, The Bridge, In Plain Sight)

D’Avin Jaqobis – Luke Macfarlane (Brothers & Sisters, Kinsey, Mercy StreetSupergirl, Over There)

Alvis – Morgan Kelly (A History of Violence, Being Erica, The Lookout)

Lucy – Tamsen McDonough (The Incredible Hulk, Chloe, Grey Gardens, The Bridge)

Pawter Simms – Sarah Power (Saw V, Californication, Schitt’s Creek)

Jelco – Pascal Langdale (Heavy Rain, The Phantom of the Opera, Steel Trap)

Hills Oonan – Frank Moore (Rabid, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Murder at 1600, Jesus Henry Christ)

Turin – Patrick Garrow (16 Blocks, RoboCop, Blindness, Poltergeist)

Khlyen – Rob Stewart (Tropical Heat, Suits, The Christmas List)