Timeless, Season 1, Episode 3, “Atomic City”

Timeless Atomic City – As Timeless, Season 1, Episode 3, “Atomic City” begins, Lucy is trying to make sense of her altered life that features her being engaged to a man she never met by looking through old family photos. She is saved by the phone when she and the team are summoned to deal with Flynn’s latest scheme, which is taking place in 1963 Las Vegas.

Timeless Atomic City

Review and recap Timeless Atomic City

The first part of Flynn’s plot is to photograph President John F. Kennedy in a clinch through the window of his room at the Sands with Judith Campbell Exner, the mistress he shared with mob boss. Sam Giancana. We do not find out until sometime later what Flynn is up to.

The team. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus infiltrate the Sands as staff. In this case, Rufus finds that being part of an oppressed minority is an advantage as he is all but invisible to the guests. They have to find out what Flynn is up to, which is likely to kill the President, kill one or more of the Mafia folks haunting the hotel, or even members of the Rat Pack who are performing for the guests.

Timeless Atomic City

The plot turns out to not, for once, involve murder. The team rescues Miss Exner from Flynn’s attempt to kidnap her. It turns out that she does not want to be saved. She is willing to go with Flynn to help him with a little job in exchange for the photographs and the negatives.

That little job happens to be Exner using her connections with the President to gain entry to a nuclear test facility. As an aside, part of the entertainment in Vegas was to watch above-ground nuclear tests taking place in the desert. In any case, Flynn steals a cache of bomb-grade plutonium and takes it off the base.

Flynn fakes out Rufus by making it seem he had the plutonium in a case. In fact, he buried it in the desert for retrieval in 2016. While Judith Exner is rescued, and her secret is preserved from the scandal-conscious early 1960s, the mission is a failure. Flynn now has plutonium to do God knows what with.

Timeless Atomic City

Wyatt tries to take an idea from “Back to the Future” by sending a telegram to his wife to be delivered in 2012 warning her off doing whatever she did that got her killed. Sadly, the gambit does not work.

While in 1962 Rufus runs into Anthony, the scientist Flynn kidnapped at the beginning of the series to pilot the time machine. Anthony seems to be cooperating with Flynn willingly. So the mandate to rescue him turns into one to kill him.

Finally, Lucy calls things off with the fiancé she does not remember meeting or being engaged to. He is, understandably, unhappy.

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Characters and cast of Timeless Atomic City include:

Lucy Preston – Abigail Spencer (Mad Men, Rectify, Cowboys & Aliens, Suits, True Detective, Burning Love, Oz the Great and Powerful)
Wyatt Logan – Matt Lanter (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Disaster Movie, 90210, The Astronaut Wives)
Rufus Carlin – Malcolm Barrett (Better Off Ted, Peeples, The Hurt Locker, American Violet, Dear White People)
Connor Mason – Paterson Joseph (The Beach, Aeon Flux, The Leftovers, Babylon, Survivors, Peep Show)
Agent Denise Christopher – Sakina Jeffrey (House of Cards, The Mindy Project, Mr. Robot, Sleepy Hollow, Raising Helen)
Jiya – Claudia Doumit (Losing in Love, Scandal, How to Be a Vampire, Dude)
Garcia Flynn – Goran Visnjic (ER, Ice Age, The Girl with the Dragon TattooExtant)
Anthony Bruhl – Matt Frewer (Orphan Black, 12 Monkeys, The Librarians, The Knick, Falling Skies)
Judith Campbell – Elena Satine (Magic City, Twin Peaks, Zipper, Revenge, Agents of SHIELD)
Noah – Daniel DiTomasso (Good Girls Revolt, Major Crimes, Witches of East End)
Karl – Chad Rook (Bates Motel, The Flash, War for the Planet of the Apes)
Miss Atomic – Lindsay Maxwell (The Butterfly Effect 2, Good Luck Chuck, The Killing Machine, Supernatural)