Sleepy Hollow Tomorrow (S4 E12)

Sleepy Hollow Tomorrow – Last week Sleepy Hollow dropped a bombshell leading into this season’s penultimate episode: Crane has become the Horseman of War, and an older Molly – known as Lara – has traveled through time to make sure that her mother isn’t killed by Malcolm Dreyfuss. “Tomorrow” follows the fallout of those choices, and as the show closes in on its season finale, it’s clear that the writers are finding comfort in Sleepy Hollow‘s penchant for craziness – the episode feels the closest the show has come to season one’s wild ride, and though there’s a sloppiness to its plot progression, “Tomorrow” is also one of the most successful offerings in season four.

Sleepy Hollow Tomorrow

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The episode begins by attempting to contextualize Lara’s time travel, something I had some issues with in the previous episode. “Tomorrow” flashes forward, showing the events that cause Lara to journey back to the show’s present time period to stop Dreyfuss from turning Diana into the Horseman of War. While it doesn’t give the viewer a whole lot more than what was already known, it does at least explain how Lara does it, fitting that aspect into the show’s reality. It also provides some stakes for this season, showing just about everyone dead at the hands of Dreyfuss and his Horsemen including Jenny Mills.

Sleepy Hollow Tomorrow

But the real fun in “Tomorrow” starts after the team reassembles to figure out how to stop Crane’s transformation. A blood-drenched dagger placed next to the ooze that forced Crane to go through a trial way back in “The People v. Ichabod Crane” brings Henry Parrish back to life, who claims that he’s been reborn as a good guy since he’s made from Crane’s memories. It’s a trick that the show has used before, but it looks like Henry’s back for good this time. That’s not a bad thing, either, as John Noble tends to chew scenery heartily whenever he’s in a scene. “Tomorrow” doesn’t do much with his character, but it does cause the viewer to wonder about his allegiance.

He offers some vital advice, too – they can stop Crane’s transformation with a special spell, one that Diana and Lara set out to find in Crane and Katrina’s private magic stash. Lara’s the one who conjures the spell, going into Crane’s psyche to free him from the Horseman of War’s hold; there’s even a bonding moment between the two of them, both Witnesses fighting yet again to stop the end of the world. It’s a good moment, one that ushers Lara into the group: since the future has now changed, it looks like Lara is stuck in present-day Sleepy Hollow for good.

Even more oddness follows, though, because Alex, Jake, and Jenny have to battle a horde of undead Hessian soldiers after Jobe raises them from the river to charge a Horseman axe. While this subplot isn’t too strong, it doesn’t have to be – “Tomorrow” is a tour de force of action happening all at once, dividing our protagonists and throwing a lot of wrenches into the works. The episode is all about building up to the climax, and even though “Tomorrow” seems like a conclusion of its own once Crane is freed from the Horseman of War’s grasp, there’s one big thing that should fuel the season finale: Henry Parrish.

Sleepy Hollow Tomorrow

Henry’s fake good side was really just a ruse to rejoin with the Horseman of War once again, and the end of “Tomorrow” finds him seeking out Malcolm Dreyfuss and offering his services. It looks like Crane will have to battle his son once again, but he’s also got to find a way to bring Dreyfuss down for good now that he’s immortal; these should be the biggest issues in next week’s season finale, and “Tomorrow” does a great job of setting up these plotlines. More than that, though, this is the kind of pedal-to-the-metal insanity that made Sleepy Hollow so enjoyable in its first season. If Sleepy Hollow can hang onto that in the season finale, then this season’s reset has primed the show for an intriguing return next year.

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Characters and cast of Sleepy Hollow Tomorrow include:

Ichabod Crane – Tom Mison (One Day, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Venus, Parade’s End)
Jenny Mills – Lyndie Greenwood (Nikita, This Movie Is Broken, Sundays at Tiffany’s)
Diana Thomas – Janina Gavankar (True Blood, The League, Far Cry 4, The L Word, Arrow, The Gates)
Jake Wells – Jerry MacKinnon (Empire, Imperfections, Dude)
Alex Norwood – Rachel Melvin (Dumb and Dumber To, Days of Our Lives, Awkward, Bones, Heroes)
Molly Thomas – Oona Yaffe
Malcolm Dreyfuss – Jeremy Davies (Saving Private Ryan, Lost, Texas Rising, Justified, Hannibal, Rescue Dawn, Constantine)
Jobe – Kamar de los Reyes (One Life to Live, The Cell, Salt, Pretty Little Liars)
Lara – Seychelle Gabriel (Falling Skies, The Legend of Korra, Weeds, Revenge)