Crossbreed The Americans, Season 5, Episode 6

As The Americans, Season 5, Episode 6, “Crossbreed” begins, Elizabeth tells Gabriel about what she found out from her contact at the Topeka agricultural firm. Far from developing pests to destroy Soviet agriculture, the company is developing a pest-resistant form of wheat to feed the world. Gabriel remembers the lab tech who Philip murdered in Oklahoma for no purpose now. He is clearly devastated and suspects that Philip is not taking it well. Nevertheless, Gabriel orders that the operation continue, but now with the goal of getting the wheat. Naively he believes that is the solution to the problems besetting Soviet agriculture.

Crossbreed The Americans

Gabriel is apparently suffering his own crisis of conscience. We see him visiting the Lincoln Memorial late at night. Whatever he is thinking at that moment, he decides that it is time to retire. Before he goes, he has some more shattering news for Philip. Philip’s father, far from being a logger as he claimed to be, was a guard at a labor camp. A memory of Philip’s mother cleaning the blood off a pair of boots that his father brought home, apparently once worn by an inmate, suggests that he was a brutal guard.

In the meantime, Stan and his partner accost another Soviet embassy employee at a playground where she is watching her child. Their cold proposal to turn spy may have gotten a response. At the very least, she does not angrily turn them away. Later, Stan has dinner with Philip’s and Elizabeth’s son Henry, with whom he has developed a better connection than his own parents.

Back in the USSR, Oleg and his partner interrogate a food distribution manager who has been taking bribes. The man is terrified about giving any names. It is telling that he is more afraid of them than he is of a pair of KGB agents. Oleg throws the man in jail so that he will have time to think about his options.

Later, Oleg goes to a rooftop and burns both the note and the tape that the CIA agents gave him to compel him to turn traitor. He has made his choice to accept whatever consequences will follow.

Finally, Elizabeth finds Paige reading a copy of “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx, which she finds herself in agreement with except for the bit about religion being the opiate of the people. They have a strange conversation about the Soviet Union, which even Elizabeth is hesitant to call a workers’ paradise. “We have our problems, but we’re all in it together.” The episode ends with one of the strangest ‘take your daughter to work days’ when Philip and Elizabeth take Paige to meet Gabriel. More thoughts on Crossbreed.

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The Americans Crossbreed Season 5 Episode 6 Recap characters and cast include:

Elizabeth Jennings – Keri Russell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Felicity, August Rush, Mission: Impossible III, Dark Skies, Austenland, Leaves of Grass, Waitress)
Philip Jennings – Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters, Titus, Love and Other Disasters, Death Comes to Pemberley, The Edge of Love)
Stan Beeman – Noah Emmerich (The Truman Show, Little Children, Warrior, Super 8, Blood Ties, Pride and Glory, Miracle, Windtalkers, Cop Land)
Henry Jennings – Keidrich Sellati
Paige Jennings – Holly Taylor
Oleg Burov – Costa Ronin (Agent CarterRed Dog, The Last Resort)
Agent Aderholt – Brandon J. Dirden (Public Morals, Good Friday, Ir/Reconcilable)
Gabriel – Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon, The Ninth Gate, Superman Returns)
Matthew Beeman – Danny Flaherty (The Wolf of Wall Street, Hope Springs, King Jack, The Leftovers)
Mischa – Alex Ozerov
Yelena Burova – Snezhana Chernova
Benjamin Stobert – Brett Tucker (Neighbours, Thor: The Dark World, McLeod’s Daughters, Mistresses)
Evgheniya Morozov – Irina Dvorovenko (Power, Flesh and Bone, Forever)
Pascha Morozov – Zack Gafin
Ruslan – Ravil Isyanov (The Jackal, Defiance, The Last Ship, The Good German)
Igor Burov – Boris Lee Krutonog (The Hunt for Red October, Look, 24, The Italian Job, NYPD Blue)
Dimitri – Leonid A. Mandel (Modern Family, Togetherness)
Claudia – Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby, August: Osage County, Sneaky Pete, The Good Wife, The Millers, Heaven Is For Real, Justified, Dexter, The Savages, 28 Days, Proof of Life)
Philip’s Father – Alexia Bondar (The Blacklist, The Session)
Nancy – Candy Buckley
Philip’s Mother – Natia Dune
Norm – Russell G. Jones (The Ticket, A Most Violent Year, Side Effects, The Night Of, Godless)
Marilyn – Amy Tribbey (Every Secret Thing, House of Cards)