The Americans S5E7 The Committee on Human Rights

The Americans, Season 5, Episode 7. “The Committee on Human Rights,” begins with Philip and Elizabeth taking their daughter Paige to meet their boss, the old spymaster Gabriel. Gabriel turns on the grandfatherly charm, which works particularly well for Paige, who has never had grandparents. He praises her “courage” which has the virtue of sincerity.

The Americans S5E7

Somewhat less sincere is how Philip and Elizabeth lie to their daughter about the alleged plot to destroy the Soviet grain supply. They know now that the plot does not exist, but pretend to Paige that it does to turn her against her country and keep her loyalty. Why not go to the media, she asked somewhat naively. They wouldn’t believe us they reply, truthfully.

Paige has a conversation with Pastor Tim that suggests that she is turning away from religion and is becoming a more secular leftist. She also tearfully breaks up with Matthew, which is a pity because he is a nice boy, albeit a danger to Paige’s parents.

Meanwhile, Stan and his partner get a bite from a Soviet single mom who they have been cultivating. She is agreeable to becoming a spy if she and certainly her son can have a better life in America. Stan is very frank that there will be danger and no guarantee that it will not end in prison or a bullet in the back of the head.

The Americans S5E7

Stan’s accomplishment is fortunate. His boss informs him that, due to his threat to come clean about his murder of a KGB agent, the CIA is backing off from Oleg. However, the Bureau would like him to be transferred out of counter intelligence. Stan’s boss forestalls this since that would disrupt the operation with the single mom. Later, Stan obliquely tells his girlfriend about his office problems without giving any details.

Elizabeth and Philip manage to get their hands on a seedling of the super wheat to be taken back to the Soviet Union for examination. Elizabeth finds out, much to her irritation, that her contact at the agricultural business, the idealist who wants to change the world, has another girlfriend. She is disturbed by this irritation because such feelings interfere with her work.

Finally, it is time for Gabriel to go. He makes separate goodbyes to Elizabeth and Philip. He tells Elizabeth that he is glad Paige does not believe that the world owes her happiness, unusual for an American. But he tells Philip that he is right and that their daughter should be kept out of the spy business.

Gabriel tells Philip something else. He admits to doing “terrible things,” presumably murder and torture, during the Stalin era before and after World War Two. The grandfatherly man, who Philip and Elizabeth presented their daughter to, has done monstrous things and is wracked by guilt because of it.

The Americans S5E7

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The Americans The Committee for Human Rights S5E7 Recap characters and cast include:

Elizabeth Jennings – Keri Russell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Felicity, August Rush, Mission: Impossible III, Dark Skies, Austenland, Leaves of Grass, Waitress)
Philip Jennings – Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters, Titus, Love and Other Disasters, Death Comes to Pemberley, The Edge of Love)
Stan Beeman – Noah Emmerich (The Truman Show, Little Children, Warrior, Super 8, Blood Ties, Pride and Glory, Miracle, Windtalkers, Cop Land)
Henry Jennings – Keidrich Sellati
Paige Jennings – Holly Taylor
Oleg Burov – Costa Ronin (Agent CarterRed Dog, The Last Resort)
Agent Aderholt – Brandon J. Dirden (Public Morals, Good Friday, Ir/Reconcilable)
Gabriel – Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon, The Ninth Gate, Superman Returns)
Matthew Beeman – Danny Flaherty (The Wolf of Wall Street, Hope Springs, King Jack, The Leftovers)
Yelena Burova – Snezhana Chernova
Benjamin Stobert – Brett Tucker (Neighbours, Thor: The Dark World, McLeod’s Daughters, Mistresses)
Norm – Russell G. Jones (The Ticket, A Most Violent Year, Side Effects, The Night Of, Godless)
Marilyn – Amy Tribbey (Every Secret Thing, House of Cards)
Pastor Tim – Kelly AuCoin (House of Cards, The Kingdom, Billions, TURN: Washington’s Spies, The Slap)
Renee – Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead, The Shield, Major Crimes, The X-Files)
Deirdre Kemp – Clea Lewis (Ellen, Doubt, The Affair, Royal Pains)
Wolfe – Peter Jacobson (House, Transformers, As Good as It Gets, Cars 2, Ray Donovan, Colony)