The Americans S5 E10 “Darkroom”

In The Americans, Season 5, Episode 10, “Darkroom,” a number of threads are spun out.

Stan and his partner’s cultivation of Sofia continues to bear fruit. She is appreciative of the dental work that the FBI paid for and, in return, the Bureau has rented an apartment in her building. Now Sofia can meet her FBI handlers in relative safety. She is developing a relationship with a courier, and the implication is that Stan and his partner will soon be wanting a look at the messages he is delivering.

The Americans Darkroom

Philip, by the way, is still worried that Stan’s new girlfriend works for their organization. He says to Elizabeth that he doesn’t want him to turn out like Martha. Elizabeth’s withering expression tells him and us how much she cares about that.

Meanwhile, the Tuan-instigated campaign of school bullying of Pascha is proceeding apace. Not coincidentally, someone from the Soviet Embassy accosts his mother and suggests that if she were to return with her son back to Russia, all would be forgiven. Not mentioned is the fact that the KGB will compel her to continue her relationship with the CIA officer with whom she is having an affair.

Philip and Elizabeth confront Claudia, their new handler, about the use of the bioweapon that they had procured against Afghan resistance fighters. Claudia claims to know nothing about that but then changes the subject to the wheat operation. The sample they sent back to Russia shows some promise, so Elizabeth is headed back to Topeka.

Philip and Elizabeth decide to make their sham marriage official inside a warehouse where the ceremony is officiated, ironically, by an Eastern Orthodox priest who is one of Phillip’s assets. The ceremony is a rare heartwarming experience for the two spies.

Paige, in the meantime, has been following the family business by snooping at Pastor Tim’s diary. She finds out that her spiritual advisor is concerned about the state of her soul. Her parents decide that it is time that the good man of God is given an opportunity to do good works somewhere far away from their daughter.

Paige then delivers photographs of some of the pages of Pastor Tim’s diary. Both appalled and fascinated by their daughter’s initiative, her parents develop the film and begin to read the passages.

It seems that Pastor Tim is not just concerned with the state of his young protégé’s soul, but of her mental health. He compares her life of having to live a lie unfavorably to sexual abuse. If Paige is crying for help, she could not have been more eloquent in presenting this material to her parents.

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The Americans Darkroom Season 5 Episode 10 Recap characters and cast include:

Elizabeth Jennings – Keri Russell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Felicity, August Rush, Mission: Impossible III, Dark Skies, Austenland, Leaves of Grass, Waitress)
Philip Jennings – Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters, Titus, Love and Other Disasters, Death Comes to Pemberley, The Edge of Love)
Stan Beeman – Noah Emmerich (The Truman Show, Little Children, Warrior, Super 8, Blood Ties, Pride and Glory, Miracle, Windtalkers, Cop Land)
Henry Jennings – Keidrich Sellati
Paige Jennings – Holly Taylor
Oleg Burov – Costa Ronin (Agent CarterRed Dog, The Last Resort)
Agent Aderholt – Brandon J. Dirden (Public Morals, Good Friday, Ir/Reconcilable)
Yelena Burova – Snezhana Chernova
Evgheniya Morozov – Irina Dvorovenko (Power, Flesh and Bone, Forever)
Igor Burov – Boris Lee Krutonog (The Italian Job, The Hunt for Red October, 24, Alias)
Tuan Eckert – Ivan Mok
Claudia – Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby, August: Osage County, Sneaky Pete, The Good Wife, The Millers, Heaven Is For Real, Justified, Dexter, The Savages, 28 Days, Proof of Life)
Wolfe – Peter Jacobson (House, Transformers, As Good as It Gets, Cars 2, Ray Donovan, Colony)
Father Andrei – Konstantin Lavysh (Castle, Ice, Gang Related, Ray Donovan)
Pastor Tim – Kelly AuCoin (House of Cards, The Kingdom, Billions, TURN: Washington’s Spies, The Slap)
Tatiana Evgenyevna – Vera Cherny (Actors Anonymous, StartUp, Don Quixote)