Dyatkovo – The Americans S5 E11

Dyatkovo – The Americans S5 E11:  Philip and Elizabeth embark on their most soul-destroying mission yet. In the meantime, Henry goes on a tour of FBI headquarters with Stan and thinks he may have found his purpose in life. Finally, back in the USSR, Oleg and his partner find out how things really work in the Soviet Union of the mid-1980s.

Dyatkovo - The Americans S5 E11

Dyatkovo – The Americans S5 E11

It looks like Henry’s parents have become reconciled to his going to a boarding school. In the meantime, while on a tour of FBI headquarters with Stan, the lad expresses his enthusiasm for the Bureau’s role in defending America against her enemies. Unlike his big sister, Henry is a true blue American patriot. Despite the fact that he inadvertently gives Philip and Elizabeth intelligence about a room that has been secured against eavesdropping, it is probably best all around that Henry has not been read in to what his parents really do for a living.

Dyatkovo - The Americans S5 E11

Back in Russia, Oleg and his partner confront Lydia, a secretary who is part of the corruption surrounding the Soviet food distribution system. They suggest that if she confesses to them, the prosecutor will go easy on her. She contemptuously informs them that the bribes and the kickbacks are how things work in Soviet Russia and that it involves too many people for it to stop. Even the high and mighty KGB is powerless to stop it.

Dyatkovo - The Americans S5 E11

Finally, Philip and Elizabeth get an assignment that they think is heaven sent. They are asked to investigate a woman named Natalie Granholm, suspected of being a collaborator with the Nazis. The two KGB spies find out that she is a grandmother, married to a doctor, who is a semi-retired nurse who volunteers at the free clinic. She is also, Moscow thinks, responsible for the murder of numerous Red Army prisoners and only escaped capture because she was in a hospital recovering from a venereal disease contracted from sleeping with too many Nazi soldiers. It was there she met her future husband, an American army medic.

Philip and Elizabeth enter Natalie’s house and confront her. She tearfully denies the accusations, claiming not to be the woman who committed those war crimes. Philip is on the brink of believing her. Elizabeth changes tactics and says that they will wait until Natalie’s husband comes home. Then Natalie changes her story, confessing to being a collaborator, so please kill her now and leave her husband be.

But the husband shows up, and things really turn dark. Natalie tells how every man and boy in her village were shot by the Nazis along with her mother. Then she was made to help dig their mass grave. She was allowed to live but had become so dead inside that she found herself killing Soviet prisoners, but it was her body doing those things, not her. She apologizes to her husband, who tells her that she is a good person. Then she apologizes to Philip and Elizabeth.

Dyatkovo - The Americans S5 E11

Elizabeth shoots the husband because it will not do to leave a witness. Then she shoots Natalie because orders are orders. A kindly grandfather and his wife, who once did bad things, executed for the good of the Soviet state.

On the way home, something breaks in Elizabeth. She is no longer the enthusiastic soldier for the Soviet Union, willing to do what was necessary for her country. Now all she wants to do is to go home and be done with all the killing and lies.

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The Americans Dyatkovo Season 5 Episode 11 Recap characters and cast include:

Elizabeth Jennings – Keri Russell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Felicity, August Rush, Mission: Impossible III, Dark Skies, Austenland, Leaves of Grass, Waitress)
Philip Jennings – Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters, Titus, Love and Other Disasters, Death Comes to Pemberley, The Edge of Love)
Stan Beeman – Noah Emmerich (The Truman Show, Little Children, Warrior, Super 8, Blood Ties, Pride and Glory, Miracle, Windtalkers, Cop Land)
Henry Jennings – Keidrich Sellati
Paige Jennings – Holly Taylor
Oleg Burov – Costa Ronin (Agent CarterRed Dog, The Last Resort)
Agent Aderholt – Brandon J. Dirden (Public Morals, Good Friday, Ir/Reconcilable)
Yelena Burova – Snezhana Chernova
Tuan Eckert – Ivan Mok
Claudia – Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby, August: Osage County, Sneaky Pete, The Good Wife, The Millers, Heaven Is For Real, Justified, Dexter, The Savages, 28 Days, Proof of Life)
Wolfe – Peter Jacobson (House, Transformers, As Good as It Gets, Cars 2, Ray Donovan, Colony)
Sofia Kovalenko – Darya Ekamasova
Ruslan – Ravil Isyanov (NCIS: Los Angeles, The Last Ship, The Good German, The Jackal)
Natalie Granholm – Irina Dubova (Abigail, Goodbye Vesna, Way in Rye)
Lydia Fomina – Julia Emelin (Fracture, Purim: The Lot, Memoria)
John Granholm – John Procaccino (Little Men, A Most Violent Year, Assassins, The Good Fight)