“The Soviet Division” The Americans S5E13

The Americans, Season 5, Episode 13, “The Soviet Division,” begins when the previous episode ended, with Philip and Elizabeth frantically trying to get into the Morozov house to stop Pasha from killing himself as Tuan egged him on to do. Fortunately, Alexei and Evgeniya return home and let their good friends in. They discover Pasha bleeding out in his room, much to their horror.

"The Soviet Division" The Americans S5E13

It turns out that the man in the stakeout position outside is a CIA agent keeping watch over the two Russian expatriates. They summon an ambulance and Pasha’s life is saved. As a result, Pasha and his mom will return to the Soviet Union and Alexei, frightened about what would be done to him, will remain behind. Mission accomplished, or so it seems.

Philip and Elizabeth have a frank exchange of views with Tuan. Tuan informs them that he has reported to his superiors that their “petty bourgeoisie concerns” almost blew the operation. Elizabeth tells the young, Vietnamese agent that going rogue and alone is no way to conduct spycraft. Eventually, he will get caught or killed. It may be best for him to return home before that happens.

"The Soviet Division" The Americans S5E13

Meanwhile, Renee is moving in with Stan “temporarily” because a water pipe accident has flooded her apartment building. Philip and Elizabeth, who suspect that she is working for the KGB, thinks that this is really convenient.

The two KGB spies start to plot how they are going to deal with their kids for their impending move home. They hit on a trip to Europe and then a sudden crossing of the Iron Curtain. Elizabeth thinks that Paige would be able to tolerate being told in advance that she is suddenly going to become a Soviet citizen.

Speaking of Paige, mom injures her during one of their self-defense sessions. The cut and bruise that mars her face surely mirror the internal wounds she is suffering from.

"The Soviet Division" The Americans S5E13

Henry is excited that he has been accepted to that boarding school, with a full scholarship, and so has his girlfriend. His dad tells him that he will not be going after all, which puts the young man out. He would be even more put out if he were to fund out why.

But then, a last-minute twist puts the best-laid plans in doubt. The operation Philip has been conducting, thanks to his unseemly relationship with a teenage daughter of a CIA officer has struck gold. The recording device has picked up the man’s promotion to head of the Soviet Division. Philip, horrified at the implication, almost throws the tape away. But he knows that this revelation will be the greatest of his life as a deep cover agent. He and Elizabeth may have to stay in America a while longer, even though Philip especially is about to burn out. And thus season five of the Americans concludes.

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The Americans The Soviet Division Season 5 Episode 13 Recap characters and cast include:

Elizabeth Jennings – Keri Russell (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Felicity, August Rush, Mission: Impossible III, Dark Skies, Austenland, Leaves of Grass, Waitress)
Philip Jennings – Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters, Titus, Love and Other Disasters, Death Comes to Pemberley, The Edge of Love)
Stan Beeman – Noah Emmerich (The Truman Show, Little Children, Warrior, Super 8, Blood Ties, Pride and Glory, Miracle, Windtalkers, Cop Land)
Henry Jennings – Keidrich Sellati
Paige Jennings – Holly Taylor
Oleg Burov – Costa Ronin (Agent CarterRed Dog, The Last Resort)
Agent Aderholt – Brandon J. Dirden (Public Morals, Good Friday, Ir/Reconcilable)
Tuan Eckert – Ivan Mok
Claudia – Margo Martindale (Million Dollar Baby, August: Osage County, Sneaky Pete, The Good Wife, The Millers, Heaven Is For Real, Justified, Dexter, The Savages, 28 Days, Proof of Life)
Pastor Tim – Kelly AuCoin (House of Cards, The Kingdom, Billions, TURN: Washington’s Spies, The Slap)
Evgheniya Morozov – Irina Dvorovenko (Power, Flesh and Bone, Forever)
Pasha Morozov – Zack Gafin