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The Books You Love

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen.  The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R. R. Martin This post was inspired by ‘The Books You’ve Loved… Continue reading

The Believers

First a vocabulary list: Somatic Gnomically Proscenium Recumbent Cavil Scurf Macadam Juddering Minatory Obstreperous Palimpsests Termagant How did you do?  I had to look up every single one of those words.  But I… Continue reading

The Scarecrow

Baby boomers facing unhappy, significant life changes, seem to be the common thread in the fiction I’ve read lately – that and finding themselves mixed up in plots of grisly murders.   In Exit… Continue reading

Exit Music

If I’m going to have to work for the rest of my life, the decent thing for Ian Rankin, author of Exit Music to do, is to make his misanthropic fictional hero Detective… Continue reading

The Five People You Meet in Hell: Surviving Katrina

If you feel you are being challenged by circumstances in your life, a few pages into The Five People You Meet in Hell:  Surviving Katrina by Robert Smallwood will provide you with the… Continue reading

A Colorful, Consequential Texan

“The Soviets are not so much in danger from the West, but from the soft underbelly of its southern boarders.”  I’m paraphrasing something that Professor Theofanis Stavrou said roughly 30 years ago when… Continue reading

The 4 Writing Energies

The impulse to write comes from some sort of energy.  In his book Write is a Verb, Bill O’Hanlon  identifies four energies that compel us to write:  Blissed, Blessed, Dissed and Pissed. Blissed… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer 5

“That kind of sounds like the Heath Ledger cocktail,” commented Beloved Son yesterday  when I told him that I was on a diet of steroids, muscle relaxers, pain killers and alternating heat and… Continue reading

One Foot in Eden

One Foot in Eden, Ron Rash Not a murder “mystery” as we soon know who killed Holland Winchester in this beautifully written fiction set place in South Carolina (post Korean War), but murder… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer – 3

I attended the Austin Social Media Club meeting Tuesday night.  I was struck by two profound things.  First, I was the oldest person in the room by at least a decade. (Vanity won’t… Continue reading