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Reviewed this week (2/16 – 2/22) at TVeskimo

Waiting for Guffman – Waiting for Guffman is a delightful Christopher Guest mockumentary of the drama behind the ‘Red, White and Blaine’ also starring Catherine O’Hara, Parker Posey, Eugene Levy.  “Corky has a… Continue reading

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Flight of the Conchords – Business Time

Love the “baggy Tshirt from that team-building exercise” line. Enjoy!

I Can’t Wait

Generational Differences

Where one or more are gathered…differences will arise.

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Big Changes Ahead!

Tomorrow will be my last day at Sage. It has been 14 years, the longest I’ve ever stayed at one company. It is a bittersweet moment: I am grateful for all of the… Continue reading

PR 101 Part 4 – The Company Backgrounder

(I’ve moved, please join the conversation at: ) An important item for your website’s “News Room” or “Press Kit” is the Company Backgrounder. This is a one page document that summarizes the… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer 12

(I’ve moved, please join the conversation at: ) I found the following photo while searching my files for a presentation I gave a number of years ago.  And it took me back…… Continue reading

PR 101 – Part 3 Professional Photography

(I’ve moved, please join the conversation at: ) Digital photography has come a long way, but the truth is most of the amateur head shots (photo portraits) that I see online just… Continue reading