Watching Your Imagination

I believe we have two “mind belts.”  One is positive and one is negative.  The belts cannot work simultaneously.  If you begin looping and accelerating on the negative, it takes over.  The good… Continue reading

No Country for Old School

Imagine Tommy Lee Jones in his Sherriff Ed Tom Bell voice narrating the following: You get to a certain age and you begin to have the same recurring delayed reaction to talking about… Continue reading

Love and Commerce

After flying back home yesterday, I decided to stop at the nail place on the way home since I would be traveling again next weekend. I forgot about daylight savings time and was… Continue reading

Readers’ Choice Weekend

I’ve written about Marketing and Social Media.  I’ve written about Referrals and Leadership.  I’ve done nonfiction and fiction book reviews.  And there’s always popular culture and the Junk Drawer series. What would you… Continue reading

Why would they want to connect with you?

This week, in the spirit of Make a Referral Week, I am writing about referrals.  Referrals spring from relationships (where we know, like and trust one another) and relationships spring from connections, networking,… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer – 6

I was running errands on Sunday and on the way home heard an old Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks tune Silver Spring .  This made me think of an interview with Stevie Nicks I… Continue reading

Getting Social Leads to Referrals

Those of you who have participated in Sage Sales Academy or Ninety Five 5 know who Mahan Khalsa is.  While attending Sage Consultants Academy, I received a copy of revised edition of Khalsa’s… Continue reading

Make a Referral Week

This week John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing) launched a week long campaign of business owners making referrals to other business owners  This is the second year of this effort. John Jantsch has… Continue reading

Free Publicity – Effective PR from a journalist’s point of view

The entire program of content was excellent as usual at SLAAA, but I was most impressed by Jeff Crilley, president and CEO of Real News Public Relations  A copy of Crilley’s book… Continue reading

Social Media: Candidate, Message, and the People

This afternoon, I am posting from the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA) Conference in Austin, TX – as a part of my live presentation on Social Media. For candidates as with marketers, message… Continue reading