A Colorful, Consequential Texan

“The Soviets are not so much in danger from the West, but from the soft underbelly of its southern boarders.”  I’m paraphrasing something that Professor Theofanis Stavrou said roughly 30 years ago when… Continue reading

That’s Entertainment!

I was watching the Winter Olympics with my cousins years ago, men’s figure skating, when Steve blurted out, “I can’t stand this!  Grown men dressed like Las Vegas show girls!  Bring back barrel… Continue reading

The 4 Writing Energies

The impulse to write comes from some sort of energy.  In his book Write is a Verb, Bill O’Hanlon http://is.gd/7Xj6V  identifies four energies that compel us to write:  Blissed, Blessed, Dissed and Pissed. Blissed… Continue reading

I Wrote a Story about You

Many of you would rather have a root canal without an anesthetic than embrace a schedule of daily writing. That is why I have decided to create a new category here on the… Continue reading

Greenhouses, Growers and ERP Technology

I have been in Austin, TX for over 13 years and this is my home now.  But one of the things I really miss about living in St. Paul, MN is gardening.  I… Continue reading

Twitter for Beginners – Part 3

Following and Followers It’s estimated that 70% of people who sign up for Twitter abandon it because they did not select interesting people to follow and to converse with. It is said that… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer 5

“That kind of sounds like the Heath Ledger cocktail,” commented Beloved Son yesterday  when I told him that I was on a diet of steroids, muscle relaxers, pain killers and alternating heat and… Continue reading

How to Handle the Typo

I read a lot of blogs and web sites.  Often, my eye will catch a typo.  I know that the author didn’t mean to write “here” instead of “hear” or that they mistakenly… Continue reading

What Others Have to Say About Your Business

What others have to say about you and your business is far more powerful than anything you could say. When you tell me “We have very high customer loyalty” or “We have great… Continue reading

One Foot in Eden

One Foot in Eden, Ron Rash Not a murder “mystery” as we soon know who killed Holland Winchester in this beautifully written fiction set place in South Carolina (post Korean War), but murder… Continue reading