One Foot in Eden

One Foot in Eden, Ron Rash Not a murder “mystery” as we soon know who killed Holland Winchester in this beautifully written fiction set place in South Carolina (post Korean War), but murder… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer 4

I didn’t realize how much I loved social media until this week.  I was asked about how quickly it could be leveraged to make money and “prostitution?!” popped into the thought bubble above… Continue reading

Twitter for Beginners – Part 2

It’s all about the discussion. After reading Part 1 ( ) you should have opened a Twitter account, built a list of people to follow, and then watched/listened to the discussion. The Duct… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer – 3

I attended the Austin Social Media Club meeting Tuesday night.  I was struck by two profound things.  First, I was the oldest person in the room by at least a decade. (Vanity won’t… Continue reading

Is Honesty Over-rated?

I came upon a blog post the other day.  It was the fascinating story of one person’s remembrance of how a friend took an unorthodox approach to his business to make ends meet… Continue reading

Amy Rothstein

We’ve moved to a new igloo. Please visit us at Made up Interviews with Fictional Characters (MUIWFC) DW:  Today I am pleased that Amy Rothstein, daughter of Sam (Ace) and Ginger Rothstein,… Continue reading

Good viewing, good doing

Went to see The Blind Side yesterday. When the 4th season of The Wire aired on HBO, the main story line focused on four middle school boys, who, in all likelihood, were headed… Continue reading

My Christmas Gift to You

My Christmas gift to you:  Read the quote, identify the correct movie and collect 1 Frequent Fun Point for each correct answer. “Because for a limited time only, Glamour Shots by Deb are… Continue reading

My Highly Unanticipated Movie Picks for the Aughts

(But, hey, it just might give you some ideas for weekend viewing.) Disclosure:  I hate going to movie theaters.  Can’t stand phones ringing, babies crying, people talking, chewing, etc.  It is rare that… Continue reading

The Junk Drawer – 2

[odds & ends too brief for a post, too lengthy for Twitter] Don’t look at me cross-eyed or overuse CAPS in a Tweet asking me for a follow.  Bossy Tweets are so persuasive… Continue reading